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Street Photography – Brick Lane, London

I can only imagine how Brick Lane, a popular East London location has changed over the years. Its vibrancy, street art, quirky flair, interesting people and eateries have made it a super place for street photography. I took a trip down there recently to capture one of the coolest places in London.

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Lessons Learned – Cloudy day photography

The typical British cloudy sky does not mean having fun with photography has to stop… or so I kept telling myself when I was out and about this week trying to practice. I put on a brave face and was determined that the weather was not going to derail my photography plans that day.

To tell you the truth I struggled slightly with the camera settings so the exposure for each image was appropriate. I learnt the hard way that playing around with the ISO settings between 400, 800 or even more to let in enough light coupled with perhaps increasing the aperture and shutter speed or even to use a tripod could lead you on the right track. Exposure compensation for overriding what the camera thinks is the best exposure is also another element that can be controlled when dealing with getting the settings for a photo just right. Keep on reading….