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My Love Affair With Flowers

For the past several days I’ve been running around like a little ferret as I took part in my very first amateur photography exhibition in London whooohoo! I’ll be publishing a post on how it all went in the coming days. But for now, I’d like to show my appreciation and share one of my loves with you, flowers.  Keep on reading….


Paris is calling….

From the baroque styled historic buildings to perfectly made croissants, Paris is one of those places that make you feel like you’ve stepped into the world of fine living. C’est magnifique!

Keep on reading….


Berlin Night Photography – Lessons Learned

You tend to think you always know how to do something or at least have an idea of how it should be done until you are put to the test. Admittedly I haven’t been practising much night photography lately (as I have been concentrating on capturing more daytime images) and the proof was in the photos I was taking. Keep on reading….


Notting Hill’s Colourful Houses

I decided to make use of the gorgeous sunlight today and went for an impromptu photo walk around the very plush looking and inspiringly beautiful neighbourhood of Notting Hill. Thanks to Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts’ 1999 British romantic comedy ‘Notting Hill’, the famous upmarket community really shows you how the other half live. Keep on reading….


A long weekend in Berlin

I’m now back at home after spending four days in Berlin and I have to admit I’ve taken quite some time putting this post together. I literally took hundreds of photographs while I was there. So you can imagine how my indecisiveness in selecting and editing the ‘keepers’ kicked in big time! Keep on reading….