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Malta: Street Photography

Hey guys! I’m back with part two to my recent trip to the beautiful island of Malta….but this time I want to share with you my first love of photography, street photography. Keep on reading….



Malta: Incredible Beauty at its Best

Hands down….Malta is one of the most beautiful places on the planet! I know it probably sounds a little extreme but boy oh boy, I was absolutely smitten with the place even as we were lining up the runway in the aircraft as we were approaching to land. Keep on reading….


Paris is calling….

From the baroque styled historic buildings to perfectly made croissants, Paris is one of those places that make you feel like you’ve stepped into the world of fine living. C’est magnifique!

Keep on reading….


Berlin Night Photography – Lessons Learned

You tend to think you always know how to do something or at least have an idea of how it should be done until you are put to the test. Admittedly I haven’t been practising much night photography lately (as I have been concentrating on capturing more daytime images) and the proof was in the photos I was taking. Keep on reading….


A long weekend in Berlin

I’m now back at home after spending four days in Berlin and I have to admit I’ve taken quite some time putting this post together. I literally took hundreds of photographs while I was there. So you can imagine how my indecisiveness in selecting and editing the ‘keepers’ kicked in big time! Keep on reading….


From Scotland with love

My husband and I had been planning our Easter Road trip for quite some time. We decided to shake up the routine a little and head further north. We teased about how he would have the best co pilot in the world, bearing in mind that I’m seriously directionally challenged (even with the help of our dedicated sat nav) and I don’t follow maps very well either. But hey, we got there in the end (even if it was without much help from me).  Keep on reading….


Somerset – Relaxation and scrumptiousness

A couple of months ago my husband and I were feeling to get out of the rat race of London and have a few days in the English countryside. Our destination compass lead us to the South West of England, Somerset.  What we both really wanted (and needed) was to relax and kick-back. Mission accomplished – tick!

A few of our friends and family had already visited Somerset, and hearing such great reviews we decided to follow suit too. Think of rolling hills, patchwork of green and yellow looking meadows…that’s what greeted us as we explored our way around the ever so charming countryside. The fresh crisp air and the fabulous scenery inspired the both of us to want to be out each day leaving no stone unturned…well, sort of. Keep on reading….