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Street Photography – Brick Lane, London

I can only imagine how Brick Lane, a popular East London location has changed over the years. Its vibrancy, street art, quirky flair, interesting people and eateries have made it a super place for street photography. I took a trip down there recently to capture one of the coolest places in London.

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My Street Photography Review

I decided to join a street photography workshop as part of my photography meet-up group. We ventured to the world famous Trafalgar Square in Central London recently. This time the focus wasn’t on the statue of Lord Nelson and all the historic splendour that surrounds it, but rather ordinary people like you and me – capturing the unique moments, emotions and personalities….street life. Keep reading….


Leake Street Tunnel – British local flavour

I’ve decided to make the first blog post on my recent venture to one of the most coolest places in London town. Would you believe the Leake Street Tunnel, hidden under Waterloo train station is an authorised area where you can watch street artists plying their graffiti trade with maximum effect.  Keep on reading….