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Street Photography – London


As I continue to trudge the streets of London practising my street photography skills, I’ve come to realise that images showcasing emotion such as happiness, sadness, humour (and the list could go on), they are the ones that usually stand out the most. In order to capture those types of photos you’ve got to find the emotion and snap it up pretty quickly so you don’t get noticed. Trust me, that’s not always an easy feat.

All it takes is practice, practice, practice and that jackpot compelling image will come along eventually.

On this occasion I ventured back to the heart of the city walking and exploring and often waiting around for the shot that I had planned for before leaving home.

It rained a little that day so I found myself sheltering under shop awnings and protecting my gear. But funnily enough the rain brought about some really cool opportunities in capturing street life. Now I don’t often edit my images into black and white, but for some reason the photo below appeared to look a lot better with this grade rather than in colour. It gives it an old vintage classic look, don’t you think?

When thinking of street photography it doesn’t always have to mean capturing peoples emotions. Images showcasing leading lines, strong shadows, and super lighting can also be the focal point of the image.

I hope you enjoyed this little section of my street photography journey while I was out and about in my capital city that is London. If you’ve enjoyed my posts so far or if they’ve helped you in any way, I thank you for stopping by and be sure to stay tuned for future posts.


Peace and love,


Author: Sóla Snapshot

Photographer and blogger - Street | Architecture | Travel My photographic adventures, whether close to home or far away. Lover of good food, dogs (even though I don't have one yet), orangutangs and travelling the world.

6 thoughts on “Street Photography – London

  1. Another very nice series, Sóla. I love the one with the legs and the puddle as well as the one of the people at the far end of the tunnel. Marcus

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  2. A great series! I loved the one through the glass of the resturant 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Third one from the last and the last one are my favorites 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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