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Street Photography – Brick Lane, London


I can only imagine how Brick Lane, a popular East London location has changed over the years. Its vibrancy, street art, quirky flair, interesting people and eateries have made it a super place for street photography. I took a trip down there recently to capture one of the coolest places in London.

I decided to go on a Saturday morning so I wasn’t jostling with teems of people to capture some of the cool scenes. It was a cloudy day so I didn’t have to compete with the suns harsh lighting too….but funnily enough it was still nice and warm though.

As I continue to develop my skills as a street photographer, Brick Lane is probably one of the perfect places to photograph people as they seem as though they’e open to the idea….which of course is definitely a plus 😀

My confidence in shooting strangers is definitely growing 😀. Practice, practice, and more practice, right!

Brick Lane is definitely a street photographers paradise in capturing such eclectic images.

The architecture is just as wonderful to capture too.

London truly is a fascinating city for street photography and Brick lane has no shortage of providing you with content worth capturing moments and life in general.

I used my Canon 1200D camera with the 24-70mm lens. I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing you again here very soon.

Peace and love,


Author: Sóla Snapshot

Photographer and blogger - Street | Architecture | Travel My photographic adventures, whether close to home or far away. Lover of good food, dogs (even though I don't have one yet), orangutangs and travelling the world.

6 thoughts on “Street Photography – Brick Lane, London

  1. Great focus on colors and textures 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great street shots, Sóla, thanks for sharing! Marcus

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  3. Brought me those fond memories of my time working in the city.
    The Old Spitalfields market was between my office and Brick Lane, used to spend most of my lunch breaks exploring different alleys, the nomadic village and making reference of photogenic streets, have to admit those were the biggest takeaways of my time working in the city.
    Great post Sola

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha yes I definitely agree with the scrumptious take-aways in the city. Brick Lane surely is a brilliant place to get lost in and explore :). I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Will and thank you very much for stopping by. x


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