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My Street Photography Review


I decided to join a street photography workshop as part of my photography meet-up group. We ventured to the world famous Trafalgar Square in Central London recently. This time the focus wasn’t on the statue of Lord Nelson and all the historic splendour that surrounds it, but rather ordinary people like you and me – capturing the unique moments, emotions and personalities….street life.

There’s just something about street photography that I always get lost in. It’s almost as if I become one with my subject – looking at people or things that form part of everyday life. Each situation captured is beautiful with its own right.

The great thing about street photography is each day brings new moments to capture.

If you’re new to my blog I tend to photograph with a Canon 1200D using a 24-70mm lens.

I draw my inspiration from all sorts really. Some of my favourites include the world renowned documentary photographer known for his black and white imagery, Elliott Erwitt; David Bailey – considered one of the pioneers for contemporary photography, and Alex Webb with his unusual eye for street photography.

I’m hoping this blog will help me grow as an artist as I’m sure my approach, technique and style will change over time. I consider myself to be an absolute beginner at this so street photography is definitely my best teacher as I continue to grow as a photographer. I would totally appreciate any feedback or tips you may have on how to master this aspect of photography.

Peace and love,


Author: Sóla Snapshot

Photographer and blogger - Street | Architecture | Travel My photographic adventures, whether close to home or far away. Lover of good food, dogs (even though I don't have one yet), orangutangs and travelling the world.

16 thoughts on “My Street Photography Review

  1. these are great shows!

    Best wishes


    Chalk Jewellery

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  2. Street photography is HARD — at least for me, because I worry about intruding on others’ private moments. But you certainly seem to have a knack for capturing those “everyday” moments without any self-consciousness, Sóla! I’m eager to see where this new creative exploration will lead you.

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    • Oh don’t get me wrong Heide, I too tend to clam up sometimes when I feel like I’m going to be noticed when photographing people. It definitely takes a certain amount of confidence to feel truly comfortable when doing this. And I’m still working on it lol. But thank you very much for your comment. I’m too looking forward to seeing my gradual growth with this. 😀

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  3. Nice series of shots. That’s a great place to people watch.


  4. Those are some nice moments 🙂

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  5. Catching up with your latest blog post and once again it’s a shabang.
    Great content and captures Sola, your compositions really complement the stories.
    Keep it up with the amazing posts (:

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  6. I follow another street photographer who lives in New York. I’ll link you up in case you’re interested. Alys


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    • Very kind of you Alys, thank you. I hope you’re having a pleasant day 🙏🏾


      • Thank you! It’s hot here, but so it goes in San Jose these days. We hit 101F this afternoon. How are you?

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      • Goodness me that is some incredible weather you’ve got there. British weather never hits those temperatures at all. But saying that, its been really lovely these past few days – today was 28 degrees 😁 and it’s a bank holiday weekend. I’m very well though thank you. Plodding along working on another blog post that I’ll be sharing on the blog pretty soon so I hope you’ll stay tuned ☺️. And how are you too?


      • We’re enduring this heatwave as best we can, opening the windows for fresh air early in the day, then closing things up. It’s going to be hot like this for two weeks. Your British weather sounds so much better. I’ve been to England in June, August and October, and enjoyed the weather each time.

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      • That does sound like some serious heat and you’ve got it for an additional two weeks! Still, I’m glad you’re able to keep yourselves as cool as you can on mornings. I’m also glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed our weather too – I find it can be temperamental and can be hard to plan outdoor activities sometimes for fear of the weather suddenly changing lol.


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