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My Love Affair With Flowers


For the past several days I’ve been running around like a little ferret as I took part in my very first amateur photography exhibition in London whooohoo! I’ll be publishing a post on how it all went in the coming days. But for now, I’d like to show my appreciation and share one of my loves with you, flowers. 

Bucketfuls of beautiful flowers

Freshly cut bucketfuls of beautiful flowers

Stunning Daisies

Stunning Daisies

It’s been a hectic few days and coming home to a gorgeous bunch of flowers just makes me smile like a Cheshire Cat. More than anything I always have a bunch of flowers in my home. I try as often as I can to have fresh ones too. They just light up the room and simply make my day. I wonder what it is about flowers that make us feel so good? I’ve been asking myself that quite a bit lately. I always feel like I’m positively glowing when I look at them, touch them and even talk to them (…and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does that either).

Lillies in abundance

Lillies in abundance

What are my favourite flowers you may ask? Well I’ll probably say peonies and hydrangeas. I mean, they’re simply gorgeous. I wonder why they draw me in so much? Wait, let me look up what they mean.

Colourful peonies

Colourful peonies

Ok…peonies apparently signify the following; “Honour, romance and romantic love and beauty in all forms”. Sounds about right! And hydrangea….“Grace and beauty”. No wonder I love them so as I’m a hopeless romantic at heart.

Often though It doesn’t matter what type they are or how much attention they may need, I just totally appreciate the beauty of flowers. I often scan through social media feeds and coo over them on a regular basis.

My love affair with flowers

My love affair with flowers

I recently took a trip to the Columbia Road Flower Market in east London on a very sunny and warm afternoon. On Sundays the road is literally transformed into an oasis of foliage and flowers. Everything from planting seeds to 10 foot banana trees are up for grabs. The air is intense with the scent of flowers and the chant from the market traders: “Everthin’ a fiver” can be constantly heard.

I simply adore the flower community. While I’m certainly in no ways a flower connoisseur I do love coming home to beautiful looking flowers.


When I got home I decided to take more photographs of the flowers that I purchased that day. I’ve put together some of my favourites below and hope you enjoy them as much as I do :). You can also catch what flowers I’m currently crushing over on my Pinterest feed Sóla Snapshot for more….just hop on over. Enjoy!






Flower 10



The photographs were taken using my iPhone 6s+ and my Canon EOS 1200D – 24-70mm lens. I made the most of the perfect natural light that day and it worked so well in giving off the appearance that I was looking for. I’d love to hear what some of your favourite flowers are too so get in touch :).

Peace and love to you,




“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”— Elliott Erwitt


Author: Sóla Snapshot

Photographer and blogger - Street | Architecture | Travel My photographic adventures, whether close to home or far away. Lover of good food, dogs (even though I don't have one yet), orangutangs and travelling the world.

12 thoughts on “My Love Affair With Flowers

  1. Your love of peonies really shines through! That image titled “Colorful peonies” is out-of-this-world GORGEOUS. My favorite flowers (for the moment, anyway!) are poppies — especially when they’re back-lit during one of our springtime “golden hours.” I’ll try to post a photo in the next few days so I don’t have to explain it with words. 😉 xx

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  2. Sola, I share your philosophy when it comes to bringing flowers home. The past few weeks I’ve been going mostly with Gerberas (mixing and matching colors). My wife is a hard-working woman who doesn’t have a lot of time for doing things around home and she has always loved it that I keep flowers in the house on a regular basis. It makes up for dust bunnies. I also like making my own little arrangements from things I’ve grown in our small yard, it’s a fun way to teach my boys about plants.

    Loved all the shots that you shared, really nice. By the way, what does “Everthin’ a fiver” mean?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh how lovely Jason! I’m totally with you on having Gerber’s in the home – they’re so gorgeous and their playful looking colours are just adorable. Your wife must be super chuffed to see such carefully arranged flowers when she returns home and It’s such a cute way to teach your boys about flowers too. Thank you so much for commenting and thoroughly glad to hear you enjoyed the post.

      Hahaha I’m glad you picked up on The “Everthin’ a fiver” (everything is five pounds) comment. It derives from east London’s famous ‘cockney’ slang….in this instance it’s referred to as money slang. I’d say much of it derives from the designs on the notes. Such as five pounds, ten pounds, twenty pounds etc – five pounds is a ‘fiver’, and ten pounds is a ‘tenner’. I hope this makes a lot more sense and you can add it to your vocabulary list for the next time you visit London. 😄


  3. I have so many favourites it’ hard to pick. But peonies are definitely on the list and they will be blooming here soon. You have reminded me that I still have some from last year unprocessed. Time to dig them up. Cheers Beth

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  4. Sorry, clicked that button before I told you how much I liked your photos. Love the colourful peonies and the image of the bud and babies breath, a beautiful contrast.

    Liked by 1 person

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