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Notting Hill’s Colourful Houses

I decided to make use of the gorgeous sunlight today and went for an impromptu photo walk around the very plush looking and inspiringly beautiful neighbourhood of Notting Hill. Thanks to Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts’ 1999 British romantic comedy ‘Notting Hill’, the famous upmarket community really shows you how the other half live. Keep on reading….



A long weekend in Berlin

I’m now back at home after spending four days in Berlin and I have to admit I’ve taken quite some time putting this post together. I literally took hundreds of photographs while I was there. So you can imagine how my indecisiveness in selecting and editing the ‘keepers’ kicked in big time! Keep on reading….


From Scotland with love

My husband and I had been planning our Easter Road trip for quite some time. We decided to shake up the routine a little and head further north. We teased about how he would have the best co pilot in the world, bearing in mind that I’m seriously directionally challenged (even with the help of our dedicated sat nav) and I don’t follow maps very well either. But hey, we got there in the end (even if it was without much help from me).  Keep on reading….