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St. Paul’s Cathedral – A piece of history


I stood outside looking up at one of the single most photographed buildings in London, St Paul’s Cathedral. Unfortunately, due to the preservation of the interior and its working environment, taking photographs is not permitted inside the building.

St. Paul's Cathedral stands 365 feet tall

St. Paul’s Cathedral stands 365 feet tall

Being a Londoner I’ve visited this magnificent baroque church many times before even as a child going on school trips (but all I was interested in at the time was bagging the coolest pencil or pen and even a rubber as a souvenir…remember those days?).

St Paul's is the second largest church building in the United Kingdom

St Paul’s is the second largest church building in the United Kingdom

I look at life very differently now – with a photographers eye. I’m noticing obvious things that never used to really capture my attention many moons ago. So off to see the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral I went. I was lucky that day as the sky wasn’t too cloudy and the sun was happily showing off. Not that cloudy day photography means you can’t produce good images with its subtle lighting…but I needed a little sun to kinda keep me warm as the chill of the breeze was icy….brrrrrrr.

You can even climb the steps inside the dome to see some of the best views of London town

You can even climb the steps inside the dome to see some of the best views of London town

One of the things I realised from this outing was that I really enjoy taking photos of churches, cathedrals….any place of worship really and the older the structure, the better. That’s not to dispute modern structural places of worship. The former just hold that little something more for me.  The intricacy and attention to detail of the architecture is a symphony to me and my camera.

People were everywhere I turned trying to capture the same scene I was. For a split second I felt a sense of pride being in the midst of London’s most iconic landmarks. I had goose bumps all over, filled to bits with excitement of how to capture a building that had been photographed a million times. I looked at the Cathedral and felt a sense of gratitude to the architect, Sir Christopher Wren, for leaving this marvel for me and others to enjoy.  A real challenge photographing such a magnificent structure.

St Paul’s is one of those ‘must see’ tourist attractions when in London. It’s dome continues to dominate the skyline…big time!

It’s always great to get out and about as I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned about my hometown through my search of subjects to photograph. Beauty is all around us….open your eyes and enjoy.


Fun Fact: Photography process for images.

Photographing churches or other historical structures can have its challenges at times due to their size or that they may be surrounded by other buildings, and people, even street furniture. I know, it can be hard trying to fit everything in. I guess one option could be is to capture the image from a unique angle, one thats perhaps never been photographed before. Or if in doubt shoot the details of the columns or ceiling. The possibilities are endless….you’ll find your own way.


Do you have any favourite landmarks or churches that are beautifully designed where you live? if so I’d love to hear from you.

Peace and love guys,

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“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” — Alfred Stieglitz


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11 thoughts on “St. Paul’s Cathedral – A piece of history

  1. Wow!!! Some awesome snaps here!!! Btw which camera do you use?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It has been more than a decade, but I recall a visit to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral as one of the distinct highlights of my only visit to London. This is a nice series of images, Sola. And I liked your recollection of visiting St. Paul’s as a child, haha!

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    • So glad to hear that you managed to visit St Paul’s on your last trip to London…come on back very soon as there’s so much more for you to see. As a child I use to be a serious pen and pencil hoader hahaha – the more colourful they were the better. Have a lovely day.


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  4. A famous landmark. Your photos do it justice. Thanks for taking us there.


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